Landon Oy

Business Agility

is needed these days when companies must quickly follow the markets and competition to survive.

Speed is of the essence.

We consult on several topics on corporate agility to truly make a difference

These are just a sample of questions that have come up with different companies or communities:

- You should change and harmonise the way of working, but should you follow a model like SAFe, or what to do?
- SW teams are already in Agile methods, but it is not interfacing well with the rest of the organisation.
- Very little coming out (and slow) to the customers, even when a lot of actions seem to happen in the agile teams
- Teams seem to have technical details in their backlog. Not big ticket items validated with customers.
- You are basically convinced that Agility is the best way forward, but the discipline of the Agility is not there.

Our Services:

- Innovations and Internal Start-Ups - Companies should experiment, learn and pivot if needed. Gone are the days of waterfall planning.

Along with the developments in Digitalisation, there are new possibilities to safeguard your success before you start. A tool used by companies like GE, Intuit, F-Secure etc is also available for you.
Check-out the internal startups section for a free book download.

- Agility - true customer interface which matches your corporate value streams and portfolios

- Beyond Budgeting - it is time to re-think the budgets. It takes too long to make them and they are obsolete when they get ready.

- Operative Processes - real and pragmatic ways of working - decision making gearboxes and planning processes that actually work in multi-site, multi-everything setting - Portfolio management - auditing assignments, metrics, operational mode support

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