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Many companies have started fixing their operations from back to front. First it was bug fixes really, then testing and now many have looked their development process approach and gone into agile methodologies.

This is good, but why don't you do like the Engineering text book tells you: Place your bets in the front end of the process, and everything else will follow.
Writing good requirements makes the project start on the right foot, and having good portfolio management gives your focus to the best-value-for-the-customer decisions.

Bad decisions are costly - doing the wrong product or wrong features is costly and burns a lot of your time - customers get frustrated and you give your an edge for your competitors.

Along with the developments in Digitalization, there are new possibilities to safeguard your success before you start. Sounds like StarTrek?

A tool used by companies like GE, Intuit, F-Secure etc is also available for you.
You can access it from here (don't worry it is free):

Landon Oy works in the following areas:

- Data and Analytics - with Digitalization all new business models emerge. Leading companies have a portfolio of different business models. Be active and do not let your business area's Uber to surprise you. Big Data and Analytics is using a set of frameworks and solutions. So it is only few weeks that you can make your data to work for you!

- Innovations and Internal Start-Ups - Companies should experiment, learn and pivot if needed. Gone are the days of waterfall planning.

- Quality and Processes - auditing assignments, metrics, operational mode support - how to tie in Analytics into your scorecard. The old way wast to measure, produce reports and read them is gone. Just look at your real-time dashboard.

- IT processes - AMS process just created for a Major company.

What is new:
Our new web site is now open. Pls visit - totally new concept - no boring stuff, only substance

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